Monday, April 02, 2012

Pre-Easter Break: Day 4 (Monday)

A frosty night here, but it looks as though it might warm up later. We’re off to Cirencester today- it’s only a short drive away and hopefully it doesn’t include any mega-complex roundabouts like yesterday!

On the way there, we stopped off at the Barn in Great Coxwell – a 13th century, err Barn that’s been tastefully restored by the National Trust. It’s probably the largest I think I’ve ever seen – comparable to a small house. It must have taken the whole town their whole lives to build it! A splendid relic of a bygone age!

Big Barn!
My first house was smaller than this!
Then, it was off to the main event – the old Roman town of Cirencester. After parking-up in the town centre, the first thing I noticed was NO mobile signal nor any data connection! (No wonder the Romans left!) – yes, ‘O2’, we’re looking at you!!!. OK, we are on holiday, so maybe best to forget about such things (but it does irritate me that in 2012, a town like Cirencester should be struggling with something like this!) Rant over... maybe it’s a temporary problem!

We headed first to the town’s Roman Museum – The Corinium Museum (Corinium, as any good scholar knows is the original Roman name for Cirencester). What a splendid place! full of, as expected, all things Roman, no doubt helped by a well-deserved lottery grant that has boosted its contents and facilities. Museum done, it was then off to the Church in the town centre that was currently undergoing some serious restoration. Nice! 

Maybe it was some divine intervention, but for a few moments, the mobile signal returned, just long enough for me to grab my emails, only for the signal to disappear just as quickly – Bah!

Inside the Museum in Cirencester
Inside the Museum in Cirencester
Inside the Museum in Cirencester
The Parish Church in Cirencester
Inside the Parish Church in Cirencester

In between all this culture, we still had time to look round the shops, and Ann picked up a nice summery dress. After a quick pit-stop where I was momentarily, once more, able to retrieve emails, we headed out of Cirencester towards the Roman Villa at Chedworthanother NT property. Unusually, I recall it quite vividly from 20 years ago, but Ann was certain we’d never visited here before. It all got a bit spooky when I predicted what was in the nearby covered area (it was the massive mosaic) and we therefore concluded that we HAD been there, although 20 years ago it looked a lot different in terms of facilities and content. After another quick cuppa, we headed back to the Cottage.

Inside is probably one of the largest Roman mosaics ever unearthed
The Victorian Hunting Lodge on the site of the Roman Villa
Tonight, we ate-in courtesy of Mr Marks and Mr Spencer. Tomorrow it’s Marlborough in search of a White Horse!

PS I just realised, I’ve had the car exactly ONE year today – so I washed it!!!