Thursday, February 09, 2012

Tech Alert: No. 1123: “I Hate you Butler!”

Bus Checker App

You wait for ages for one to come along…

..and then possibly the most useful Android app for a long while makes its appearance! If you live in London, or work there, or travel to the Capital once in a while. and have to get a bus from A to B, (that’s me!) this app is definitely for you – and it only cost £2.

Take a bow then: London Bus Checker from FatAttitude Ltd (now there’s a company name to be proud of!)

Think of Google maps with the added convenience of EVERY London bus route marked – that’s 20000 of them. And if that’s not enough, zoom in on ANY bus-stop to see what time the next bus is due – and that’s a live ‘due time’ (ie what’s really going on) rather a theoretical printed bus timetable. You can even search by bus number to see a particular bus route 

– Stan from ‘On the Buses’ would hate this App – ‘Blakey’ would love it!!