Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lunch with Denis and Bev

There’s cool weather, cold weather, freezing weather and TODAY! When Ann, Lee and I left for Lincoln, Ann’s car was saying it was –8C outside – it certainly felt like it and I don’t think I’ve ever felt so cold. As we drove a few miles through Weekley, the gauge plummeted to –11C. That’s right –11C!!!!! I think that’s the coldest day this year – maybe ever!!

We think the freezing temperature must have scared drivers off the road – they were deserted. Either that, or it was the Rugby on the TV!

The almost deserted roads meant a fast journey to Bev’s and  we arrived in Lincoln in the record time of an hour-and-a-half. On arrival, Denis had arrived just minutes before and we were soon catching-up over tea and home-made cake (Nice cake Bev!). We also met Einstein, Bev’s rabbit, for the first time.
Nice view from Bev's window
And then it was into town for the main mission – to pick up some new shoes for Ann. It was straight to Ann’s fave shoe shop, and after a quick peruse, the shop shock was two pairs lighter! Mission accomplished!!!!

Then after a quick look round the House of Fraser (almost empty), we headed for Pomodoro E Basilico, where we’d eaten the last time we came to Lincoln. It was amazing value at around £6 for two-courses and it was obviously a well-known fact as within 30 minutes the place was heaving! Unfortunately that meant that although the food was good, the service was a bit sloppy and we seem to wait ages between the starter and the main. When it did arrive, we sent our chips back straightaway because they were undercooked. It seemed that there weren’t enough waiters and the chefs were under pressure. Still, it didn’t affect the get-together and the bill of under £50 for five people including drinks brought a smile to our faces.

Ahh, an ice cold Peroni!
Then it was back to Bev’s for another round of tea and cake before heading home. Another hassle-free journey on the roads meant that we were back indoors by 5pm.

A lazy evening followed catching-up with the papers!