Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Honeymoon Day 6: 21st December (Wednesday) – A Cave, a Lighthouse... and an out-of-this-world meal

After breakfast round at ours, we set-off doe our day of discovery.

First stop was the Ngilgi Cave, a short drive away. Discovered around 100 years ago, they were a unique experience in all sorts of ways. The temperature underground was a (relatively) cool and constant 20 degrees, which was very pleasant considering it was 26 degrees up top!






Taking photos down there was a real challenge – no tripods allowed and virtually pitch-black apart from a few decorative lights. Still, it was a great experience top see the thousands of stalactites and weird rock formations. We hung around after the tour and had a makeshift picnic eating up the left-overs from yesterday’s supermarket visit.
Then, it was off to Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse, possible the least-tall lighthouse, we’ve ever seen (simply because it was already 103 metres above sea-level!). The tour-guide gave us a good insight into life as a lighthouse-keeper – basically crap! with the need to clock-in every 15 minutes and no chairs in case you sat down and fell asleep! Of course, today, it’s all automatic, and the view from the top, as you would expect, was tremendous.




Our final outing for today was the Cape Lodge restaurant. It was to celebrate our first anniversary – 1 week! : )




..and what an experience! From the unexpected complimentary glass of champagne when we arrived, to the excellent service throughout to the food itself – everything was just perfect! My venison was so tender, it was soooooo tender and the steak was equally mouth-watering and delicious! The desserts was visually stunning, with flavours to match! Thank-you Cape Lodge for making our Anniversary such unforgettable event. Merry Christmas to you and all your staff, we hope we get an opportunity to revisit your restaurant again in the future.