Thursday, August 18, 2011

Gurkhas, Gas Leaks and Gossip!

I met up with John Cullwick tonight.  After a lot of discussion, we agreed that we haven’t seen each other for at least 8 years! He’s over this way for a wedding, and it was too good an opportunity to miss a catch-up.

He was staying at the rather unglamorous, but functional Travel Plaza Hotel, just the other side of Desborough. On arrival, the place looked very familiar, but even after chatting with John, I’ve still not been able to work out why I think I knew the place – spooky!

The plan was to pop next door to The Gurkhas restaurant, but a gas leak had shut the place down temporarily, so we headed for Rothwell and the very familiar Taste of India. As expected, the service and the food was splendid and we had a great time playing ‘whatever happened to..?’

Just like our conversation, the beer and orange juice flowed and it was soon after 10 – and very late for me! I dropped John back at this hotel and we’ve promised to get together in Spring 2012.