Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Black Tuesday?

Confused smile It’s funny how some days just turn out to be ‘a real challenge’ (that’s the polite version).

Lee had a funny turn in the night requiring us to call a doctor and an ambulance, so we were all up at 5am playing doctors and nurses. After a short stay at Kettering’s A and E, I picked her up around lunch-time.

Whilst nursing Lee, Ann felt unwell, almost fainted, and had to go back to bed – four hours later, she was fine and toddled off to work, only to discover there was a security alert at Bedford station resulting in all the trains into and out of London getting screwed-up.

Next! Ann’s boss fell down the stairs at work and was stretchered off to hospital.

However, on a positive note, I was able to get a replacement black knob for our slow-cooker, the old one had melted in the oven on Sunday.

..that’s OK then!

Phew!!! What a day!!!!!!

Confused smile  Confused smile  Confused smile  Confused smile  Confused smile