Monday, March 14, 2011

The Beginning of the End for ‘Mondeo Man’

Mondeo 2.0 TDCi 6 speed auto + body kit

The replacement car will be here in around four-weeks, so some activities are required to get the Mondeo ready for its return to the leasing company.

The first major activity was to drive over to Paintshield in Peterborough to have the protective film removed from the front portion of the car. It was good to see the Paintshield team again – it’s been almost three years, and in that time, they’ve moved closer to me (from Grantham to Peterborough), so the journey was a lot easier. Their hospitality was as good as ever (and so was the coffee) and within 15 minutes, Tom, the owner, had removed the film from the frontal area, both wings and the bonnet. Underneath, was an immaculate paint-job, just as it arrived on delivery-day back in 2008.

Trouble was, it made the rest of the car look a bit shabby, so it was off to the hand car wash locally for a quick spruce-up on the way back. And after a quick once-over with the polishing cloth at home, plus dressing the tyres, I’ve got to say, it now looks fantastic – for a car with almost 45000 on the clock, you’d never think it was that old! When I look at it now, I remember why I chose it in the first place – what a motor! Someone’s going to get a real head-turner when this one goes up for sale!

The final stage in its preparation for return is to have it professionally valeted and the small dink in the driver’s-side front-alloy repaired later in the week!

I’ll be really sorry to see it go! Boys and their Toys ehh??!!!