Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lee’s Housewarming

Lee laid on afternoon-tea for Jo, Janet, David, Val, Ann and me this err, afternoon. She did a great job – it was a scrummy spread – sausage rolls, quiche, sandwiches, cake, cake, cake, Bakewell tarts, caramel thingies and the largest Victoria Sponge I’ve ever seen. It was also the perfect opportunity to try out her new all-singing-all-dancing Panasonic microwave for the hot food – a very clever piece of kit with its convection oven option.

Scrummy food and clever technology – a perfect afternoon for me then!!!

We stayed for a couple of hours, and I think what surprised us all was that it didn’t feel at all cramped given that there was seven of us in her front room – just cosy – probably the most she’s had there all-at-once since she moved in.

Well, this has certainly been a weekend of great food – restaurant Friday and Saturday night – and now tea with Lee! Brilliant!  Not sure it’s helping my diet though! Ahh well, bread-and-dripping every night next week!!!!