Saturday, December 11, 2010

Visiting Mae at the Hospice

This has been one of the less-cheerful Saturdays of the year as we headed towards Lincoln to visit Mae at the Hospice. When we were advised a few days ago, to visit her ‘sooner rather than later’, we knew it was serious.

So, as the Gambles clan – Denis, Roger, Ann and Bev...and me, gathered at her bedside, it made me think how crap life can be sometimes. The big shock has been how much she has deteriorated since the last time we saw her, just a few weeks back. ‘The big C’ has ravaged her body and she has lost so much weight. All the time we were there, she had that vacant haunted look about her as she slipped in and out of consciousness – scary!!! It was just horrible to see someone in this state and the reality is, that Mae is nearing the end of her time in this world.

Probably the most bizarre event associated with our visit was concerning a cat with a sixth sense! Apparently, the Hospice has a resident moggy called Oliver. He’s well-known for wandering the Wards and seeking out the patients who need the most comfort. Guess what?, within 15 minutes of us being there, along comes Oliver, a largish ginger-Tom, jumps up on the bed, snuggles down on Mae’s feet and goes to sleep – truly bizarre! Thanks heavens for Hospices -  can you imagine that happening in a plain ol’ hospital?

Bev is doing a great, some would say, impossible job, visiting her Mum, sometimes twice a day, and trying to stay objective, considering her day-job is as a MacMillan Nurse. Nice one Bev!

I guess all of this today has made me value every day just a little bit more!

Sad smile Sad smile Sad smile Sad smile Sad smile