Saturday, December 04, 2010

Han Job and DiCaprio

Han Chinese Restaurant
Image by Steve Palmer (UK) via Flickr
Nick and Celina joined us for the weekend. In spite of the appalling weather and icy driving conditions during the day, by the evening, it was just raining as we drove over to our fave Chinese Restaurant – Hanin Market Harborough.

We haven’t seen Nick and Celina since the Bank Holiday in May when we went to Burghley House, and it was good to catch-up, although I think we bored them to death with the photos from our holiday in Ireland and then Rome and the Cruise.

DVD: Inception
one star
DVD Blu-Ray - InceptionWhat seemed like a good idea was to then watch the recently released DVD Inception starring Leonardo DiCaprio. What a mistake that was!!! I watched it and was confused, so was Ann, so was Celina and so was Nick! This was either one of those films that in years to come will be seen as a cult-movie or it was the biggest load of garbage since Kettering Council forgot to pick-up our wheely-bins. Definitely NOT one of those movies that you would choose to watch after 83 pints at the Pub – this film required 110% concentration...and then some more!!!

It tells the story of a guy whose speciality is to get inside peoples’ heads when they’re dreaming and steal their ideas. Most of the scenes were Di Caprio and his team inside someone’s dream...or was it? We learned that sometimes they were actually part of a dream within a dream – and if that’s not confusing enough, maybe a dream within a dream within a dream!!! Cripes, I’m normally good with these sort of films, but this one had me reaching for the Anadin...or was I dreaming that I reached for the I’m confused about being confused. Pass the medication please.

These days, we’re used to special effects stealing the show – not in this case - actually, the (only?) plus point of this film was that they were very clever...very, very clever. But that didn’t make up for the completely incomprehensible plot which made us continually ask ‘What’, ‘Why’, ‘How’ etc.

I’d have loved to have been a fly on the wall when they pitched the script for this one! ‘There’s this guy, who invades dreams...and he’s very good....only he’s got some gremlins to exorcise himself...and the road will fold-up on itself see?...and then the scene will change to a battle in the Arctic...then they’ll drive a van over a bridge...and then there’s them all floating about weightless in an’ll be great!”
Thank God the menu at Han was easy to follow – we had a really good meal and ventured ‘off-standard-banquet’ into new territory.

...or did we?
Winking smile