Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

I was up earlier than I thought – around 6am. It’s a white Christmas, but it’s ‘old’ white as there hasn’t been any new stuff for a few days. It’s cold though – the temperature gauge is showing ‘-7C’. We had a a lazy breakfast and prepared for the main event – presents!

10.00am: Pressy time – here’s what Santa brought me:
Mum – John Lewis Vouchers (£30)
Jo and Janet – Chopping Board + Liqueurs
Carol - Cheese Biscuits
Denis – DVD: Iron Man 2, CD: Enigma – The Mirror + CD: A Posteriori
Bev – Chamois Leather + DVD: Inception
Roger, Jane and Oliver  iTunes Vouchers 
Nicki – Speciality Cheeses + Chafing Dish
Ann to me – 2 x Red Stripey Shirts, Foot Cream, Hand Cream, Book: Einstein Riddle, Blue Stripey Shirt, Multi-coloured cuff-links +  Logitech Squeezebox Boom (my ‘tech fix’ for the year!)
Lee – Red Cuff-link set, Mauve Shirt, Book: Opening Pandora’s Box + Book: Strictly English
Biscuit and Bon-Bon – Chilli Favoured Chocolates

Ann pressies from me – Pen Set, Pink pen holder, Book: Matt 2010, Books: Peter Wimsey x2 + Necklace

Logitech Squeezebox Boom

12.15: Denis and Bev arrived. Given recent events, it was good to see them in such good spirits

13.00: Christmas lunch bang on time, and delicious too! (Very) Nice one Ann!!!

14.15: We’re stuffed. Time for a snooze chat

15.00: Time for a snooze to watch the annual Queen’s Speech and take Denis and Bev through the holiday snaps from our holiday in Rome.

15.45: Denis and Bev headed home and we watched Shrek 3 – I think it’s going to be nibbles and drinks round the TV – BBC probably!

17.00: We’re all TV lounge-lizards!

21.15: We’ve eaten too much, had too much to drink – so it’s been a normal Christmas Day for us! Smile