Thursday, November 18, 2010

Visiting Mae

We drove up to the Pilgrim Hospital in Boston today for our first visit to see Mae, Ann’s Step-mum. We met Denis (Ann’s dad) and Bev (Ann’s step-sister) there and as we were all a bit early for visiting hours, we headed for lunch in the hospital restaurant.

Mae was admitted a few weeks ago after the persistent cough she’d acquired, failed to get better (even after three courses of anti-biotics!). The diagnosis? well, it looks like it’s serious – as serious as it can get – and we all realise that the next few weeks, and maybe months, will be a difficult time for everyone. However, we’re all realists – especially Mae, and she has already reviewed her Will - and Denis has got the plot (the earthy type!).

We drove home reflecting on our visit. It’s not been one of our better days, although bizarrely, we thought that Mae looked and sounded a lot better than we imagined she would.

Sad smile Sad smile Sad smile Sad smile