Wednesday, October 06, 2010

TV: The Apprentice

Dan from The ApprenticeThe sixth series of The Apprentice started tonight. Any similarities between the contestants appearing on the show and real human beings is entirely coincidental!

With each series, the contestants’ behaviour seems to be more extreme and their  ever-increasing sized egos almost needs a house of its own to stay in!!!

Now, I know it’s good entertainment, but are these people like this in real life? yeesh! I hope not!!! Take last night’s loser, Dan Harris (yes, please take him!), a man who was so full of himself, he would have scored 15 (out of 10) on the tosserometer! And don’t even get me started on Stuart (Baggs), who, at just 21, wasn’t just Stuart Baggs, but Stuart Baggs - The Brand, . Give me strength! The Oxford English Dictionary should watch out, as both of these guys redefined the word arrogance.

With my business head as a management-coach, on for a moment,   if these are the new breed of young managers, then I can’t wait to retire!!!

Will I be watching the series next week? You bet!!!

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