Saturday, October 16, 2010

Me - as a piece of furniture!

As if writing the yearly school magazine and designing/maintaining the ex-pupil website wasn’t enough, the attendees at today’s AGM have voted me in  as the new chairman of The Old Croydonians’ Association – ‘ The OCA’. So that’s THREE jobs now!

On the plus-side, the role is a challenging and exciting one, and gives me the authority, through the committee, to determine the direction of the OCA and its 600 members.

On the downside, at the same time as my appointment, four of the existing committee stood-down! In fairness, I knew that was going to happen, but through the members’ eyes, the closeness of the two events might have appeared somewhat disconcerting. Some coincidence surely!!!

Anyway, there is heaps to do, as it’s our centenary next year  – a celebratory meal to organise, an exhibition of school memorabilia – and of course, a leaner committee to lead for the next few years.