Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Business Blog


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For a while now, my business blog has been sitting happily on a Wordpress, domain (Wordpress provide our free blogging facilities).

However, for visitors, it must have seemed a bit strange to suddenly be whisked away from the main SPA Ltd site, to a page hosted elsewhere.

I’ve therefore been thinking about how, technologically speaking, I could give the appearance of hosting the blog on my business web-site, rather than on the Wordpress domain. From a branding and marketing point of view, I guess doing so, is logical for all parties – most of all, my business customers.

Then, in a flash of inspiration, (I don’t get them that often!), I wondered if domain-mapping might be the answer. It was, and a quick phone-call to my web-host, this very useful page on the Wordpress site, and an annual fee of $12, has now allowed me to simplify things all round and achieve my aim.

So, if you’ve nothing better to do and want to see what my business is up to, point your browser to the very customer-friendly url – http://blog.StevePalmerAssociates.com