Sunday, October 24, 2010

Another busy Sunday!

Remember when Sunday was the day of rest? No, me neither! More’s the pity! :(

Ann spent most of the day in the garden trying to rescue us from the ever-invasive weeds and then planting-out bulbs for the Spring. Meanwhile, I was in the office trying to get ahead for the week because I’m in Eskilstuna (where?) in Sweden, from Tuesday until Friday. Best of all though, Lee was in the kitchen (in between ODing on Star-Trek movies), getting lunch prepared!

I’m not sure where this year has gone. One minute, I’m crying in my lager watching the World-Cup, and then, whoooooosh!, it’s only eight-weeks until Christmas!!! Somewhere between now and then, we’ve got a week’s holiday, and I’ve got another two business trips to Munich.

Luckily, all-in-all, we seem to be pretty well-prepared. Ann’s cracked most of the Christmas shopping and we’re 97% through writing all the Christmas cards.

Anyone in favour of a THREE-day weekend and four-day working week?

Yes, me too!!!!

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