Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tech Alert: The Eye-Fi Card

Eye-Fi Card

Now here is a really clever bit of tech – really, really clever. No, REALLY! If you’ve got a digital camera AND it stores its photos on an ‘SD card’, put one of these on your Christmas list.

What does it do?
It might look like an ordinary SD card, in fact it’s a ‘class 6’ (so that means it’s fast in saving and retrieving pics), but that’s not its party-trick -  let me explain.

One of the less-productive parts of taking pics with your digital camera is that you have to copy the photos off the card afterwards in order to file them or to show them off to others. OK, so it’s not the most arduous job in the world, but wouldn’t you rather be doing something else? Of course you would!

So, step forward the Eye-Fi Card. Take your snaps, leave the camera switched on, and it automagically copies your photos to your computer – without any need for cables nor further interaction from you. For most of us that’s just enough magic thank-you – job done - it’s all you need it to do.

Now, let your imagination run wild. What if it could also upload your pics also to Facebook, Flickr or other social networks sites, whilst you get on with making a cup-of-tea. Fantastic!!

Now, for the ultimate in gadget-loveliness, wouldn’t it be just peachy, if the photo got tagged automatically with where the photograph was taken, so when others view the photo, they could use something like Google Maps or Google Earth, to pinpoint that same location?

Is it me, or is this just the best camera accessory in the world ever? – and I got one from Ann for my birthday!!!!