Friday, September 17, 2010

Out with the Chair...In with the Chair

I left frighteningly early this morning – 3.45am – to ensure a trouble-free journey to my old school. Luckily, it was one of the most trouble-free journey I’d ever had, resulting in me getting there at just after 6am! Time for a snooze in the car!!!

The reason for the journey, was a full-committee meeting of The Old Croydonians’ Association, and more significantly, the final one chaired by the current chairman – Derek. He’s stepping down, and it’s likely that I’ll be voted in as chairman later this year. Long live the King!!!!

I left just before midday, but the journey back was horrendous...three major traffic jams resulting in me not getting back into Kettering until around 3pm – three hours instead of two. Yeesh!!!

I dropped into Julie’s on the way back to help her set-up up her email on her replacement phone. Success! All sorted!!!

Hmmm, roast chicken tonight – Ann’s been busy in the kitchen.