Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Holiday in Ireland – Day 4

After what felt like yesterday’s circumnavigation of the globe, we’re taking it a bit easier today!
Confused smile Confused smile

So, we’ll spent most of the morning at the apartment, catching-up with our reading.

10.45am: It’s the warmest day so far – 19 degrees – so we’re heading out to National Trust’s Rowallane Gardens. What a beautiful place – and quiet too, compared with yesterday’s experience at Giant’s Causeway!!!! We’d temporarily misplaced our membership cards, but they said we looked ‘honourable’ and let us in for free (just shows how deceptive, appearances can be!!!!).

The House The Gardens - 3
The Gardens - 1 The Gardens - 2

12.30pm: Then, off to Hillsborough Castle. Well, we couldn’t actually see the place, the closest we got was the Court House (pictured) – and there was a stunning-looking Church too. Still, it was good to look round the town, and we decided to have a light lunch out at The Plough Inn at the top of the hill in the town.
The Court-House in Hillsborough Church in Hillsborough

2.15pm: After lunch, we headed back in the general direction of the apartment, but stopped off at Audley’s Castle, nearby. It may have been a ruin, but the views across the lough, were spectacular!
The Castle - 1 Stunning view - 1
Stunning view - 2 Audley's Castle

3.15pm: Back to base for a cuppa and feet-up until we fall into the restaurant for our evening meal!

7.00pm: After a short snooze, we were ready for action eating! So, it was down to The Cuan where we limited ourselves to a starter and dessert.