Saturday, September 18, 2010

Debbie Does... Kettering

Jo and Janet picked us up and we joined Debbie, Stefan and a load of the neighbours at Berardi’s in Kettering to celebrate Deb’s 50th. We’d not been there before, so we weren’t sure what to expect.

Stella and Debbie debate the religiuous significance of the Pope's visitIt’s just opposite Sainsbury’s in the town, so parking was easy! As we entered the place, we could see that downstairs, at least wasn’t particularly large. The restaurant had reserved the ‘left-hand-side’ for our small group of 20-or-so, and we more or less filled the place.

The tables had been set out in two table of ten – it was the only was they got us all in, but it made getting to the loo and chatting beyond those on either side a bit challenging.

Is it me - or does the starter look like a couple of thingies 

Is it me, or do they look like a couple of ‘thingies’?

Still, that didn’t stop us having a really good time. We’d all pre-ordered the food, and the service therefore was pretty quick. Portions were generous, and it was piping hot. The rest of the place filled up pretty quickly – it’s obviously a popular place to eat!
I feel like (a) chicken tonight

I feel like chicken tonight!
It was pretty noisy though – mainly because of us – but it gave the place some real atmosphere. We all got stuck into our food – half the fun was remembering what we’d pre-ordered, but the restaurant staff had it pretty well organised. By about 10, we’d waded through all the courses and some of the group decided to go for a glass of Sambuca. I wish I’d had my ‘proper’ camera with me as the sight of a tray of flaming glasses was one not to miss.
Ahh chocolate

Ahh, chocolate!!
We scuttled off around 10.15, leaving the rest to continue to enjoy their evening. My guess is that some are still there, some are wandering around the high street and some are having a lie-in...with sore heads!
Confused smile  Confused smile  Confused smile
It was a great evening Debbie – thanks for the invitation!