Thursday, September 23, 2010

Blog here, blog there

Dropbox logoLike a lot of bloggers, I tend to blog at different locations. Sometimes it’s from the main PC at home and sometimes it’s on my NetBook when I’m on the train. And being inherently lazy, I sometimes blog from the PC downstairs at home because I can’t be bothered to walk up the few stairs to our home-office! What am I like ehh?

Anyway, I’ve always thought it would be great if I could start a blog on one PC and then pick-up from where I left off when I’m out-and-about, on say, the NetBook because the unfinished blog would be there too.

Although most people would agree that Windows Live Writer is one of the best free blogging tools around, it’s not particularly flexible in allowing the user to faff-around with its data file locations. Well, it seems that there are a lot of people blogging out there, who want the same thing, so when I started to look into it on the ‘net, it was well documented.

After a few tweaks on all the PCs using the excellent free DropBox and the free add-in, Dropbox Folder Sync, the problem was solved and I’m now seeing all my compositions, when I open Windows Live Writer on any of our PCs.


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