Saturday, August 21, 2010

Where were you in 1984?

Found this on You-Tube. As a spritely 28 year-old who was into MIke Oldfield, Rick Wakeman and the like, ‘Camel’ one of my fave bands at the time. This was filmed at the then, Hammersmith Odeon on 11th May, 1984, as part of their live stationary traveller tour – I (think) I was there! It was subsequently released later on VHS and then DVD.

Camel never really hit mainstream – they could have easily been the next Pink Floyd and although they went through numerous band-member changes, Andy Latimer remained the pivotal member – that’s him on the pan-pipes (!!) and lead guitar in this clip!

Oh to be 28 again!!!!!

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Camel’s web-site