Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Techy Day

HTC Touch 2 A bit of a techy-day’ today. Great – I love days like this!

I spent the morning over at Julie’s helping her to add some apps to her new shiny new phone, the excellent Windows mobile OS  HTC Touch 2 and install the 16Gb micro SD card.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t help much with Tom’s new one as it runs on the Android operating system and I’m not too familiar with that (yet!)

Note to self: Find out about Android phones!

logo-dropbox Job done and it was back to mine to finish off the installation of Dropbox on all the PCs. About a month ago, I’d installed SugarSync, but the poor customer service and some ‘issues’ with my Netbook not connecting automatically to the service, forced me to find an alternative. I’m glad I did! Although Dropbox doesn’t quite have all the features, for me, it’s a bit more intuitive and some nice touches (like a free WinMo client, so I can manage my files from my phone and the fact it uses the LAN to synchronise local files), make it a no-brainer! Definitely one of my better decisions recently!!

What is Dropbox?
It’s software that allows you to keep various files/folders on one PC in ‘sync’ with any other PC. Say for instance, you are working on a file at home. On saving it, Dropbox kicks-in and copies that file to all your other nominated PCs (you control which ones and how many). So, when I jump on the train and fire-up my laptop, the file is there waiting for me to use – on the laptop. Better still, if I get to my destination, and I’ve left my laptop on the train (hardly likely, but go with the flow here!), I can log into my dedicated space on the ‘net and access all my synced files. If I then make changes to the file using the ‘net page, these are then copied back to all the other PCs.

Best news of all, is that there is a FREE version that gives you a 2Gb account – more than enough for most people. Another added feature, is that I can share files with other non-
Dropbox users who access and download the file via the ‘net – Far smarter than trying to email very large files to someone.