Saturday, August 21, 2010

Film: Salt

five star
We went to our local Odeon and saw the 6pm performance of Salt starring Angelina Jolie.

Excerpt from ‘Salt’ starring Angelina Jolie

With the next James Bond film on-hold because of finance difficulties, this film was marketed as having the potential to fill the action-movie gap and spawn at least one sequel, if not, a whole series of movie sequels!

The Independent was reasonably complimentary about the film whilst the Saturday Telegraph bemoaned more-or-less everything about it, and awarded it just ONE star.

Our view? Well, I think we’d say, it’s our film of the year! Plenty of suspense, convincing acting all round, not too many special effects and a plot that kept us guessing throughout. If you like Bond, Bourne and those type of films, get to see this before it disappears from the big-screen. It’s one of those times when too much salt is a good thing!!!

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