Monday, July 05, 2010

“I luv Compooters...I hates compooters”

Well, I was looking forward to my new router turning up today.It was destined to replace the ageing one that’s become increasingly unreliable over the past few months - dropping connection to the ‘net without warning.

Netgear DGN3500 Router Modem Having done my research, I settled for the Netgear dgn3500 Router Modem. A shiny beast with lots of flashing coloured lights, quite apart from its cutting-edge tech. It had good write-ups almost everywhere - although it was a bit pricey at a tad over 100 notes.

I plugged it in and ran the accompanying CDRom that utilised a helpful animated on-screen setup to guide the user through the ‘black-art’ of configuring routers. A few minutes later, all the configuring was done – a quick check of the two nearby wireless laptops revealed super fast and super strong connection speeds. Wow!!!

I rebooted the main PC connected to the router and BUGGER!, it refused to connect to the internet. Further investigation showed that wireLESS connections were OK but WIRED connections around the house just wouldn’t connect at all. In fact, the PC couldn’t find the router at all!

I reconfigured the router and all the wired connections sprang into life – HURRAH!

I rebooted again...and just like last time, the wired connections wouldn’t connect..and now, to make matters worse, nor would the wireless connections either. So here we are with NO internet connectivity at all - BOOOO!

Two hours later (that consisted mainly of basic and advanced faffing) made no difference at all – and somewhere along the line I’d even managed to delete the wireless printer on the network too! - HUMANS 1 TECHNOLOGY 3!

This was rapidly turning into a VERY stressful experience. In the end, I decided to remove the NEW router and put the old one back. Yeesh!, but even that wouldn’t connect to the ‘net. After a system restore and a final bit of faffing, four hours later, I was back where I started – a router that drops its connection at a moment’s notice!

I’m pretty sure it’s NOT the router itself – it’s more likely to be my Antiques Roadshow of a PC. So, maybe it’s time for a new PC instead.

When PCs are working they bring great leaps in productivity and enjoyment - but when they go bad, they’re a pain in the posterior!!!