Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Techy Day

A rare day-off from the day-job that allowed me to don my anorak and become Mr PC-Doctor for the day!

First stop: To check whether Lee’s internet connection is up-and-running. It is... but it’s not the 13Mb speed suggested by BT – more like 1Mb!! Still, let’s see how it works out once it’s had a little more time to sync with the local exchange. At least I managed to get the basics sorted out whilst I was there.
I dont know

Second stop: Round to Mark and Tracey’s to investigate why their PC on ONE ACCOUNT ONLY refuses to launch any MS Office applications, nor any files linked to the ‘net. After a bit of investigation, I worked out that the Account was corrupted (probably as a result of the recent virus attack on their PC). I re-created the account, and re-setup their email and MS apps – all is now fine.

Anorak now back on the coat-hook!!!