Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Stick (Wrong end of...)

It’s a well-known fact that if I had a brain I’d be dangerous! Hence last night’s confusion.

Because the England match was on in the afternoon, Rosi, (whose turn it was to host the BBQ), recorded it, and I thought we were all sitting down to watch it together around 6.30. For that reason, I’d avoided all channels of communication that might reveal the score.

From that point on, it all started to fall apart. I got home earlier than planned, (around 1pm) and decided there was no point in going round to Rosi’s that early because most other people would, I thought, still be at work.

When I eventually go there around 5ish, almost all the gang was already there, had been there for a while and had already seen, or listened to, the match live – so they knew the score!!!

Pass the stick please!!!

So, plan B then. Let everyone know NOT to tell me the result. Simples!

It was all going pretty well and everyone was being very careful to keep it quiet. Then, a little slip of the tongue by Karen, accidentally revealed the result to me!!! Doh!!!

(We won 1-0 and are playing our old friends, Germany on Sunday).