Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lee’s surprise purchase

I took Lee out for a drive this afternoon to help her narrow-down her choice for her next car. After getting Ann’s car washed, we tried the dealer immediately next-door to the car wash.

The vehicles on offer were certainly in her price range and we narrowed it down to possibly a Renault. We then took a quick look at the dealer just up the road, but they didn’t have any automatics at all and they were all bit too cheap - £995 was just to LITTLE to pay for a car!!

So, we thought we’d drive through Burton Latimer and have a look at the independent dealers there. Success!!!! Lee spotted a 2005 VW Polo, black, limited edition - and automatic too. It was also less than she expected to pay. It ticked all the boxes for her and a short test drive later, it was ‘job done’ – we pick it up next Thursday tea-time, freshly washed, polished, serviced and MOTd.

A successful day’s shopping, I’d say!