Saturday, May 15, 2010

Jo and Janet get hitched!

P1010197So, finally, they decided to tie-the-knot – great stuff – there’s hope for us two yet!!!
The weather was just perfect – blue sky and plenty of sun and no rain forecast (famous last words!)

IMGA0001The Civil Partnership service took place at 1pm, at Kettering Park Hotel – we’d not been there before, and we were impressed with the way they had put it all together. Not sure about the Registrar though – she wedding-poemlooked a little too serious for my liking!

I guess there must have been around 30-40 at the actual service and there were some nice touches including a short poem read out my Carol and Suzanne – The Key of Love.

Once the service was over, we were ushered out into part of the dining area where there was a chance for photographs and a chance to chat to the happy couple and the guests. Due to the fact there was another wedding in front of us (and one behind), we couldn’t initially get out onto the patio. so it was a bit cramped. When we eventually did, the weather continued to smile on Jo and Janet and the rest of us, making the process of the ‘official photos’ a lot more tolerable :)
A hour-or-so later with the photos over, we turned to the other important part of the day – the food!

The hotel had put us into a separate room and arranged things in a u-shaped shape. It worked well, although it looked a bit of a tight squeeze for the folks opposite us. The food was delicious and served promptly and courteously. The wedding cake was BRILLIANT – a pleasant change from the normal design and it made us giggle! Some nice touches by J and J included a lottery ticket for everyone and a donation  to Cancer Research made on all our behalves – nice!

P1010215Once the food was almost over, Carol and Suzanne read out the cards and then we headed back outside.By now, it was starting to get a little chilly, so we sat outside for a bit and then retired indoors, spending a bit of time talking with Helen and Frank and then Chris and Pete.

It was getting close to 7pm, and the evening event. We saw David, Val, NIcki and Lee arrive, so we all joined together, did the quick introductions and then headed for the area where the evening session was to be. After some final faffing around by the hotel staff to get the room ready, we were shown in. It was pretty impressive – two rooms made into one. There was a resident DJ (who turned out to be very good) and at the other end of the room, an area for the food to be served.

P1010220 The room soon filled up – there must have been 200+ people there, and with the good selection of music, everyone seemed to be having a good time. The neighbours arrived more-or-less all at the same time – Tom, Julie, Stefan, Deb, David, Rosi, Paul and Karen – it was just a pity we couldn’t all fit on the same table. We also saw some faces we hadn’t seen for quite a while from Ann’s JS days – Nelia and Geoff and Debbie and Roger.

After filling our bellies, we stayed for around another hour or so and then decided to head home around 9.45

It’s been a GREAT event, the weather helped, but ultimately, it’s about the people...and everyone seemed to be having such a good time – nice one!!!







Have a great honeymoon you two – see you when you get back!!