Saturday, May 01, 2010

Haworth: Day One (Saturday)

We had a reasonable drive up here yesterday evening, leaving at 6.15 and arriving around 9.30 (just only one blip where we were caught in a traffic jam for around 25 minutes on the Newark by-pass because of a recent accident).

By the time we arrived, it was dark, and that added to the challenge of finding the place - even with Sat Nav! But, after a few trips up and down the nearby hill, we found 'Hill Street'.

We quickly unpacked, and as the cottage was very cold tried to light a fire - no luck and the kindling wouldn't take. Then we discovered the central heating timer - doh!

So, after a quick bacon sandwich, we went to bed.

We both slept well and didn't get up until 7.30. A quick shower and breakfast and we're ready to take on the world - even if it does look a bit grey out there! The weather forecast isn't brilliant, so we decided to stay local-ish.

P1010166We took a short drive to Keighley for a bit of shopping (and a bacon sandwich!), then onto National Trust's East Riddlesden Hall. It didn't look much when we drove up to it, but once we got inside - wow!! It had a real lived-feel to it, full of wonderfully well-preserved Jacobean furniture and group of NT staff who were very knowledgeable about the House itself. Wonderful!!!

Shops in SaltaireThen we headed off to Saltaire, near Shipley, the ultra well preserved World Heritage site

It's named after Sir Titus Salt who built a textile mill - Saltsmill - AND the village close to the River Aire for his Mill workers. He was quite a local celebrity - rightly so - and also built schools for the children of his workers. Oh, and he managed to find time to build a Church too!! The bad news (for some) was that he didn't allow any drinking establishments in the area preferring to provide his staff with gyms and opportunities to play chess!

Salt Mill is long since abandoned as a Mill but in 1987, Jonathan Silver, a local entrepreneur, bought up the Mill and turned the space, very tastefully, into an art gallery and other areas for commerce. Interestingly, one of the areas is now home of Pace Technology (who I think make Sky boxes). Once again, the place is at the cutting edge of technology - from wool to set-top boxes!!!

All-in all, it was a great place to look around, and good to see that the whole area is still standing after all these years.

Around 3.45, we finished our walk around Saltaire and jumped back into the car heading back to Hillside Cottage. We stopped off at Asda for a few bits and were indoors by 4.15, feet-up and reading the newspapers .

Skipton tomorrow...