Monday, April 05, 2010

TV: Doctor Who - Series 5: Episode 1

A great start to the new series with Matt Smith taking over from David Tennant in the iconic role as The Doctor.

Just as significantly, Steven Moffat also takes over as lead-writer (and writer for this first episode) as well as series producer (replacing Russell T Davies). In my view, this is a positive change, as SM's writing tends to have a darker tone.

So, what of the first episode. Well, it was certainly an energetic one with enough action to please die-hard whovians and viewers tuning in for the first time. MS seems to me to be more eccentric than latter-day David Tennant and reminded me of Patrick Troughton during his time as the 2nd Doctor from 1966-1969.

Bizarrely, this first episode has been deemed too sexy by some viewers (presumably aimed at the character Amy Pond, the new assistant, played by Karen Gillan being dressed as a policewoman-kissogram throughout).

Particular high-points for me were: The new Tardis, Matt Smith's energy, The roof-top scene and the incidental music - I'm not sure about the new theme-tune though (I'm sure it'll grow on me).

All-in-all, MS has proved he can handle the role and I think the chemistry between him and his new assistant, my Pond will add an extra dimension to the ongoing story-lines.

Overnight viewers' ratings suggest around 8 million viewers, which is pretty respectable.

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