Monday, March 01, 2010

TV: Being Human (Series 2: Episode 8 of 8)

Title sequence 'Being Human'
Well, what to make of series two, now that the final episode aired last night? I had high-hopes of the series, after series 1 just blew me away.

I guess my expectations were raised as soon as the latest series began, two months ago. All-in-all though, I’ve found it all a bit disappointing and uneven; with all-over-the-place storylines and just a tad too much gore (or is that me, be an oldie?), and too many characters who came and went. The acting has been great though!

The scene in last week’s episode in the train where Mitchell, the vampire took revenge on a carriage load of humans brought a whole new meaning to being a blood-donor!

Last night’s episode continued the blood-fest with a shocking scene that would have caught every viewer by surprise – yuk!

The best bit was in the final 15 minutes or so; Annie being banished to the ‘other side’ and the baddies getting their just rewards (I hate stakes..prefer them medium to well-done).

The final scenes of Herrick’s resurrection and Annie being seen on a TV screen on the ‘other side’ with the boys promising to get her back left the viewer hanging - and set the episode up nicely for a third series.

Will I watch the next series, if there is one, you bet!!!!

So, series 3 – are you listening?

  • Fewer characters
  • Less blood (just a tad)
  • Focus more on the three main characters
  • Cut the religious undertones
  • Stop copying Life on Mars (The TV as a world-separator)

This episode

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You might catch this final episode in BBC iPlayer HERE