Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Size Matters…

p_imageSome of you will just be old enough to remember the original Polaroid camera. Remember how we all marvelled at the fact it could print pictures instantly? For younger readers, this was in pre-digital days and the Polaroid was a true miracle, because the only other way to get your pics developed was to rush down to Boots for ‘express printing’. At best, you might get them back the next day!

PoGoSo, welcome to 2010 and my latest gadget, courtesy of Maplins. If you’ve got a mobile phone with Bluetooth and it can take photos - and you’ve got 30 quid to spare, this will be the coolest piece of kit this year.

It’s called a PoGo and it’s about the size of an iPhone (but a bit thicker). You take the photo on your mobile. Hit the button on your phone and it prints out the 3x2 picture in about 60 seconds. The photos have a peelable sticky back too, so you can stick it anywhere (stop titteirng at the back!). It will even run on the rechargeable battery – so it’s truly portable.