Friday, March 12, 2010

Lunch with Steve S

I popped over to Oundle to meet up with Steve. We'd previously met just before Christmas, when, amongst other things, Steve was making plans for being father-of-the-bride for his daughter, Kelly, on Easter Saturday. I've lent him some books on speeches!

The Ship - Oundle We walked to The Ship, as normal, and as part of my giving-it-up-for-Lent thingy, I avoided the chips for lunch - I had the chilli instead - and avoided the side-order of cheese too!

There were roadworks on the A605 on the journey over there, resulting in 2-3 miles of tailbacks each way. I didn't want to risk whether they'd still be there on the way home, so I came via the back roads - and it seemed to take less time!