Saturday, March 27, 2010

The final stages of my Blog transfer

Google Inc.

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Phew! A week or so ago, I'd posted that I had mostly got my head round the imminent techy changes at Google, that meant my Blogs would have to be physically 'moved'. This was due to some behind-the-scenes changes in the way Blogger manages the uploading of some users' blogs (including mine).

Blogger - the blogging tool of choice!I like writing my Blogs (and I do have a few readers!), and the thought of the transfer not working properly (and there were a some reports on-line that some transfers hadn't worked!), was unthinkable - seven years of writing, floating about in the ether somewhere!

Baring teethBaring teethBaring teethBaring teethBaring teeth
Anyway, stage 1 went very smoothly, but left me with a rather unfriendly blog address of - yuk!

So, with a bit of advice from techy-guru Rick at Google and some more tweaking behind the scenes by my web-host, I'm pleased to say that my Blog address is now much more memorable, and a tad more friendly too - and it only took about a nano-second for Google to do the final 'conversion/transfer of the data'! A massive relief therefore at this end!!

Check out

So, if you read my Blogs through FaceBook, then as far as I know, nothing changes - keep doing that - but if not, the above url should be easier to remember.

Don't you just love technology!!!