Saturday, March 13, 2010

Catch up with Karen and Ralph

Queens Head Belton Loughborough We'd forgotten that it was Mothering Sunday coming up (well, we hadn't actually, we did send flowers to the Mums!), but we couldn't get a seat in a pub or restaurant anywhere half-way between R+K's in Matlock and us for Sunday. So, we decided to simply bring the date forward and meet-up tonight.

Ralph found us a great pub/restaurant/hotel in Belton called The Queen's Head, and what a treat it was!

A brilliant menu, an extensive selection of wines plus very, very attentive (and happy) staff too!

Although the portions weren't particularly large, what they lacked in size they made up for in flavour - except Ann's mushroom lasagne which turned out to be just mushrooms in a cheesey sauce...hmmm disappointing, that one!

We caught up with all R and K's news - the best bit was that they've finally sold their main house in Princes Risborough - so Matlock beckons 24/7!

With the main course out of the way, the girls chose to avoid desserts, but Ralph and I dived in - Ralph went for the creme brulee (without the bee pollen - see yesterday's blog) and I chose 'the old faithful', Sticky Toffee Pudding - delicious!

It was great to catch-up as we haven't seen them since our holiday in Barbados. After exchanging hard disks and PC magazines/software, we left around 9.30 and got home around an hour later.