Friday, February 12, 2010

Nicki here for the weekend

Nicki joined us tonight – she's been on holiday this week and staying 'til late Saturday night and then driving home. I'd quite forgotten that we hadn't 'done' Christmas pressies with her (as we didn't see her over the Christmas period) and it felt really strange doing this in February!

cat_ornament_nicki_2010She also bought us some lovely silver anniversary gifts – silver napkin rings and a beautiful cat-couple ornament.

With all the pressies sorted, Jo and Janet arrived - just in time to see the chicken pie that Ann and Lee had created come out of the oven – I think it was about the size of Corby!! Guess what I'll be eating next week!!!!

The food was fab, especially the pie – I think it even surpassed previous creations in terms of flavour! (Ahh, our secret ingredient). We ate and ate, but the pie still blocked out the light coming through the window in the dining room!! We managed to squeeze round it it, into the kitchen, and served up lemon meringue pie, ice-cream and another culinary masterpiece: Nicki's home-made American brownies (a slightly different recipe this this time – more chocolatey and chewy in the middle). Fantastic food…and most of us felt guilt-free as we're giving up all the comfort food for Lent next week.

dvd_bluray_heat We all collapsed into the lounge and I put on the DVD 'Heat' starring Robert de Niro, Al Pacino, Val Kilmer and John Voight. For some reason, I thought this was a new film, but about three-quarters of the way through, after commenting how young all the stars looked, we all realised it was about 25 years old!! Doh!!!! It was a bit slow to get going, but if you like 'slow-burners' and want to see possibly the longest gun-battle scene ever, it's worth a look.
Midnight: We're all very tired and totally porked-out. Time for bed. Trip to Ely tomorrow.