Wednesday, December 30, 2009

St Vincent and Bequia

We both slept well, although Ann woke with a pretty bad head - must have been the alcohol last night! 

Another day, another island! Well, actually, we get two for the price of one today - St Vincent and Bequia (later today).

View from the Terminal at St Vincent

As normal, we had a lazy breakfast and then took the Tender ashore. St Vincent looked pretty sleepy from a distance - but we were going to be surprised!! On landing we were surprised at the rather sophisticated Cruise Terminal - quite a few shops and some places to eat. 

Leaving the Terminal...

We left the terminal and headed into the town. That's when it all came alive! Ralph made a new friend - although not deliberately - who led us into the main shopping area. Once we got to the centre, he asked for some money, but when we declined, he disappeared into the distance!

The Bar in the Terminal... After a quick look round, we made our way back to the Terminal, stopping-off for a drink in one of the Bars in the Terminal. It was quite humid, so we sat outside, enjoying the through-breeze from the town to the sea.

After a thorough chill-out, we went through the rather simplistic security area and waited for the Tender. We were back on board for more food! :) and to see the Ship sail for Bequia.

Ralph and Karen explored Bequia, but as Ann's head was still bad, we went to bed in an effort to shake it off. I went out like a light (as normal!), but Ann just couldn't sleep. We got up about 6pm to get ready for the evening meal. Absolutely NO ALCOHOL for Ann tonight!!!

The meal tonight was excellent and Karen and I even managed to persuade our Waiter to go off-menu and get us some rum-and-raisin ice-cream...Perfect!!!

We stayed up late tonight to watch the Ship's music-quiz, a rather manic affair on deck where the objective was to collect dominos (as points) for every correct answer. As always with these things, it was taken very seriously by those taking part and half the fun was watching the behaviour of the contestants.

We called it a night around 10.45pm.

The ship arrives at Martinique tomorrow morning at around 8am.