Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lunch with Sally B

Brown's Cambridge My gorge-fest continues. At this rate, I'll be classified under 'excess baggage' when we (err, 'if' – see yesterday's blog) go away on holiday!!!

Oooo, a flutter of snow in the air. I drove over to Cambridge to meet up with Sally B for lunch. We haven't seen each other since June and it was great to catch-up.

Whilst waiting for Sally, I even found time to help out another driver who, in attempting to get into the parking space in front of me, outside Brown's, judged the angle badly and managed to plonk both her nearside wheels in the large gutter that plagues many of the streets in Cambridge.

Luckily the gutter was partially filled with leaves which softened the drop (and made it less deep) – in other conditions, it would have probably damaged the wheels. Anyway, after a bit of instruction and skillful driving, we freed the car.

We ate at Brown's as normal, and what a pleasure – and contrast, after yesterday's disappointing service in London at des Vins. Great food, superb waitress service and a good buzzy atmosphere – just how it should be! We both had starters; Sally had steak and chips whilst I tried the lamb in red wine sauce with mustard mash for our main course.

We skipped dessert finished with tea and coffee and left just after 1.30 – we even managed to fix our next get together next March.

Good to see you Sally – have fun tonight!!