Sunday, December 13, 2009

Family Weekend

We started the weekend heading off to Roger, Jane and Oliver's. - and popped into see Anthony, one of Ann's ex-JS colleagues on the way – he lives in Letchworth with his wife, Sue.

We got to theirs about 2.45 after a couple of trips up-and-down their road trying to find the house. What a lovely place – a 1920s building with an extensive garden. We had a long chat and tucked into tea and cake. We also saw their chickens! (brilliant beasts..they eat crumpets and mice!!!). Roger phoned to see where we were and that prompted us to get on our way. I'm sure we'll be seeing Anthony and Sue (and their chickens!) again. 

Fort Knox! Arriving at R, J and O's around 4.45, after a short delay, the security gates opened!!! (Roger loves his gates!!). We unpacked the pressies from the car and quickly headed inside – it was freezing! They all looked well, and Oliver was as energetic as ever!

The evening meal was excellent – a beef casserole with a gorgeous sauce made from port and cranberry sauce.

Oliver was packed off to bed around 7.30 and by 9.30 we followed! We're such party animals!!!

We both slept well, and I slept through until 7 – very unusual for me…

I grabbed a shower and on my return found that Oliver had taken my place in the bed – as lively and as noisy as ever!!!

Oliver continued to contribute to Ann getting ready by pretending to be a hairdresser and arming himself with Jane's curling tongs. I'm pretty sure Roger wouldn't be too chuffed if Oliver chose that as a serious profession!

We had a quick breakfast, sorted out the DVD player we'd given them and showed Jane how to move some documents to Roger's account on their PC..and then it was time to go – busy busy!

Christmas meal with Mum 2009 We'd taken the precaution of avoiding the major roadworks on the M25 near Waltham Cross and travelled via Harlow. It turned out to be a good journey and we got Mum's just before 12. A quick natter and then we drove to The Spinning Wheel at Westerham, just down the road - Mum had booked it ages ago for our Christmas get together.
Mum’s looking and sounding a lot, lot better. The ‘patches’ that the doctor prescribed to ease her aches and pains seem to be doing the trick and it was good to see her more like her old self again.

I didn't remember The Spinning Wheel at all, but both Mum and Ann said I'd been there before (old age creeping on maybe?). We quickly chose from the menu - Mum had steak and chips; Ann had Fish and chips and I tried the sausage and mash. Being the generous sort, I helped out Mum and Ann with her chips! I guess all-in-all the food was 'OK' rather than something better. What was memorable however, was how cold the place was, and how the service deteriorated the longer we were there. By 2pm we had just got our dessert (we'd got there at 12.25) and I took the executive decision to ask for the bill at the same time. Luckily (and maybe predictably), that arrived very quickly!!

We dropped Mum back at her flat, said our good-byes and headed home. Leaving at 2.30, it was trouble-free journey until we got closer to home, where a four-mile queue near the A14 turning slowed our progress. After stopping off at Kettering station to pick up a ticket for next week, were indoors by 5.15.

It's been a full-on weekend, and it's been good fun!!