Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve - Barbados

I woke first and got up. It's only 5.30 am here, but the time difference had completely screwed by body-clock.

I had a quick shower and then went downstairs for a coffee and started to working on my backlog of reading. It was already light, the birds were singing and George (our host) pointed out that I'd just missed a monkey on its was out for breakfast! - just another day in paradise!!!! :)

Everyone was up quite early and we had breakfast just after 8am. George introduced us to Leyland his security manager and we spent the next hour-or-so having a very (very!) leisurely breakfast. The views are magnificent!
It's now 9.45 and we're going to spend the rest of the day chilling-out and soaking up some sun. We found a nice spot, near the pool, with some shade if we need it...

Warning, sunbathers..!
HERE we are

12.30 Enough sun for me...I'm going back to the room to really chill-out (phew!). Ralph and Karen have gone monkey-spotting!

George and Annie had some friends (Douglas, Ulrika, Earl and Sydney) arrive for a Christmas meal and invited us to join them for drinks and nibbles at 5pm. We got talking and learned that Douglas had been pretty high-up in BMW and Earl was in fact, Earl Maynard, the body-builder.

We're of to Josef's tonight, located HERE - it's been recommended by George and Annie and George had helpfully asked Clayton, his personal taxi-driver to pick us up and bring us back.
The place was quite busy and we were surprised to see that 'VIP' had been written against our names on the booking sheet - it must have been George's doing!
Josef's Restaurant
It was superb atmosphere and we were very close to the sea - 10 yards or so (maybe part of the VIP thing?) The service was very professional and friendly too. Ralph, Karen and Ann had the barracuda whilst I settled for the beef sirloin. Only Ralph and I managed dessert though!

10.05pm The temperature was registering 27 degrees and it was still very humid so we were pleased to get into Clayton's air-conditioned taxi.

10.45 To bed...awaiting Santa!