Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Barbados - we're here!

After landing at the Airport we were confronted with 400+ people in front of us all trying to get through Immigration. It was due to a flight being late and us all turning up at the same time. We must have been there for about an hour...just queuing and queuing... Luckily, us Brits are used to that sort of thing, but the temperature was starting tom take its toll by the time we were let through.

Ralph quickly identified the driver who would take us to our BandB. We quickly loaded our cases and were on the road. It was already starting to get dark and were pleased, some 20 minutes later to arrive at just after 6pm to arrive at Sweetfield Manor

Phew! Is it hot! we've gone from 28 degrees F to 28 degrees C in less than 24 hours!!! :)
Sweetfield Manor
George and Ann the hosts have mad us feel very welcome and we've already sampled the local rum-punch and Ann's home-made rosemary bread!!!

They're both lovely people and have made us all feel very welcome. We're in the 'Island Room'.
The Island Room 

We've had a short tour round and are now un-packing. We then went downstairs for a final drink (hic!)

Time for bed... we're shattered!