Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The 5ive get together for Christmas

St Pancras International Station 

les Pain QuotidienMy ‘eat-fest’ continues. I headed down to London for 12 o’clock to meet up with some of the ‘gang-of-5ive’, Well, actually there was only four of us this year. Antoinette, Angela, Philip and I met for coffee at ‘Les Pain Quotidien’ before trying out ‘des Pain’ just a few units along – a bad move as it turned out!!!

Des vins (oh dear, what an experience!) Although the food was OK, the service was worse than lousy. How difficult can it be? Although places like this are quite busy this time of year, they were actually very quiet (maybe we should have taken that as a sign!). Initially, they forgot our order, then they didn’t bring enough plates for the four of us. Then, when we came to pay, no-one knew how to use the till to split the bill four-ways. Then, if that wasn’t inefficient enough, they announced they couldn’t provide individual credit card slips for each of our payments!!!! Arghhhh!!!!

Having said all that, it was good to see everyone again and reflect on the previous twelve months for us all.

St Pancras Grand Restaurant

We decided to finish off at the Bar in the St Pancras Grand restaurant upstairs. It was altogether a better experience although I did have gulp down my glass of wine in  a hurry, in order to catch the 3.30 back to Kettering!

Ann picked me up and we were back home by 4.45.