Monday, July 06, 2009

Camcorder and the Kitchen Project

We took a drive to John Lewis in Leicester today to see the results of their plans for our kitchen. We were very impressed - they've interpreted our wishes and added some creative touches too - a really great job.

After going through the plans in detail - we must have been there for over two hours - we made some further changes and the results should be with us within the week. Kerrching! all we need to do is pay for it!!!
Camcorder-HDC-SD200We also visited their camera department to see if they would/could price-match the new camcorder we have in mind -! The price difference is £150 and they weren't prepared to match an internet price (understandably). As things turned out, that was good news because when I did some price-matching back home, the price had gone down and the supplier was throwing in a free two-year warranty - more details to follow, in a few days when it arrives.
One of us will need to 'go-out-on-the-game' to pay for all of this - I think that'll be me then!