Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Meal with Mags and Ian

We met up at Georgetown in Stratford-upon-Avon. I'd been round at Mags' helping her set-up her new laptop in readiness for her six-weeks of work in India.

I'd not heard of the restaurant before and the decision to go there was based on Ian discovering it was 3 meals for the price of two! It's a small chain of restaurants specialising in Malaysian/Chinese/Indian and Chinese food all under one roof.

As it turned out, the meal was SUPERB. I had the chicken satay followed by the Aberdeen Angus steak smothered in a spicy sauce. Wow! what an explosion of tastes - fantastic!!!

We had a good time catching up on this-and-that and realised that we hadn't all seen each other for over six-months, when we'd been to the restaurant - just next door - The Blue Lagoon.

We've planned our Christmas get-together and will be going to The Old Swan at Lamport

A good journey back - I was home by 10pm