Monday, September 08, 2008

Day 3: Holiday in France

We were up sharp at 8 today. Looking outside, suggests it's going to be a hot day - excellent!

We're off to 'Montauban' today. It's a large town, around 50km south-east of base.

We got there around 10.15, had a look round the Cathedral and then some shops.

Then time for a coffee in the Square soaking up the (very) warm sunshine!

We then jumped in the car and headed towards Moissac. The original plan was to look at the world-famous Cloisters, but by the we got there, they had closed for lunch. So, this was a perfect opportunity to find somewhere for lunch. Most places were closed (typically French) and the Restaurants near the cloisters seemed to have quite a limited menu.

We headed further into the town (what a pretty place!, very clean and very colourful) and found 'Au Bureau' - a pizza/bar just off the town square. Ann had pizza and I had a burger with chips (very French!). Ann had wine and I drank Guinness (but it tasted very different). We then shared a dessert with coffee - perfect!

After lunch, we looked round the Cloisters. They were fantastically well-preserved for their age - 12th century.

Then, we drove back to base to spent an hour around the pool.

..and finally, we started to pack as we're leaving after breakfast tomorrow.