Sunday, July 06, 2008

Doctor Who - Series 4, Episode 13 FINAL EPISODE

Well, the final episode of the current series..and no series on 2009 except for a few 'specials'.

The BBC kept a tight lid on previews (there weren't any for the Press) and the 'clip' on the BBC website revealed nothing.

So, what do we know already?

- Donna will die
- The Doctor is regenerating
- They're erecting a giant screen in Trafalgar Square tonight so that those involved in the Gay Pride march can watch the final episode

So, having just watch the episode - what a finish to the series!!! Donna didn't die as asuch, but she doesn't remember any of her adventures. The regeneration scene was obviously a a great cliff-hanger to the previous episode..because he didn't!

I enjoyed this one very much and RTD certainly kept the tension going throughout the episode. In a way, a very sad ending seeing the Doctor on his own once again :( :(

PS The media went Doctor Who crazy right after the episode. Below is a summary

..and here are various comments logged on Digital Spy's web-site after the episode aired

PS. This episode was watched by 9.4 million people.