Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Holiday Day 3 - Toronto

Looks like it rained overnight, so perhaps it'll be cooler today. Apparently, according to the news, we slept through a tremendous thunder-storm last night!

I finally finished, 'Changeling', all 266 pages of it - quite a feat for me! Mike Oldfield, what a troubled soul!

So, another relaxed breakfast (although there was no porridge until we'd almost finished!)

We decided to have a 'shopping day' and took the Metro to 'Bloor Road West' - a sort of 'Oxford Street without the crowds and traffic!

My back started playing up so I spent a lot of the time sitting down! We had a crappy lunch at The Bay Department Store - cheap and cheerful Chicken Pie and Salad (a marked contrast to yesterday's feast at the CN Tower).

Ann bought some coloured tops and some toiletries.

We also found a cinema showing "Chronicles of Narnia - Prince Caspian" (which obviously isn't out in the UK yet). It was an EXCELLENT film! It ran for around 2 hours and when it finished, we jumped on the Metro and headed back to the Hotel.

We finished off the day by having a cheese supper (at 6.45pm!)

We've booked a Niagara Tour for tomorrow.