Sunday, May 11, 2008

Doctor Who - Series 4, Episode 6

This was the episode where the Doctor's daughter, Jenny made her first appearance. Georgia Moffett gave a good performance and would easily make a suitable companion in the future! The main story, for me though, was so-so. The acting was as usual, was very good and 'Martha' had an opportunity to demonstrate a wider range of her acting talents - However, the plot was just very pedestrian - the over-used 'race-versus-race-but-it's-a-mistake-and-we-can-all-live-together' routine! The more important element of the story was the sub-plot of Jenny aspiring to be a Time Lord...Now that has got sme tremendous potential for the future!

The surprise ending was Jenny coming back to life right at the end and leaving in a rocket to explorer the iuniverse. Bet we'll see her again!