Sunday, April 20, 2008

Neighbours - Italian style...

Jo, Janet, Debbie, Stefan, Rosie, David, Karen and Paul came round for one of our Italian Evenings. As always, the food was great! (Ann did most of the cooking and I just cleared-up the mess). Everyone was in really good spirits and the fact that we hadn't all seen each other as a group for a long time didn't seem to matter.

Although the music started off with an italian theme, by the time we'd finished eating we'd moved onto the Bee-Gees and more especially the tracks from Saturday Night Fever. Ann and Debbie danced, the rest of us watched - that soon killed off the dancing.

We were all stuffed and consumed far too much wine :) It all fizzled out around 12.30am and we were too knackered to clear-up. A job for Sunday morning I think!